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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My little Reader

When we first began this homeschooling journey, I think I was the most stressed about teaching Noelle to read. Somehow, that just felt like a daunting task....reading is such a big deal!
We started off the year quite structured, and have slowly found our groove in a less-structured approach. Still doing workbooks, but not focusing on that kind of learning all the time. I bought a set of very early reading books, which were at reading levels A B and C. We gave Noelle a little motivation (a new book for her Leapfrog Tag Reader) each time she would read all of the books in a level. Prior to this, she really didn't want to pay much attention to sitting down and reading, she just wanted me to read the stories.
Well, she really shocked us! I still can hardly believe it, but she is reading!!!! She finished levels A and B books, and is now working on C. She is remembering a lot of the funny things about learning the English language, like how 'y' makes an 'eee' sound at the end of a word, which letters are often silent, etc. I am amazed at what a little bit of motivation can do! What a fun feeling it is for Ty and I to have been able to be a part of this learning process...I wouldn't trade it for anything:)
We are sooooo proud of you Noelle!
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  1. Hi Noelle,
    We are sooo proud of you for the way you have learned to read.Next time we come you will have to read a story for us.Can't wait!
    We love you