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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A few of her favourite things

At our homeschool co-op last month, I was in charge of the lapbook activities. We were studying the book 'The Night of the Moonjellies' , and in it there is a little boy who works at a foodstand with his Grandma. I decided to simulate a restaurant with the kids, and we did many activities including playing different roles in a restaurant (hostess, server, cook), and making our own menus. Can you guess what Noelle's favourite foods are? Notice the price tag as well....clearly a really classy restaurant:)
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  1. Hi Noelle,
    I think you must like A & W.Great job on the root beer & onion rings. Some of my favorite food.
    Great job on your menu and awesome pricing. You will be rich in no time!!! God made you to prosper and I know you certainly will as you trust Him!!!
    Love Ya!!!