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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week one...

Wow, what a busy week this first week has been! I wanted to do something special with the kids for the first day of school, so we gave them each a new book for there Leapfrog Tag reading system. Then we had breakfast and read the Story about Ping for the first time (this is the first book in our Five in a Row curriculum). Afterwards we did a little experiment about buoyancy. We went around the house and collected various objects to test. Then I made a chart where we wrote the name of the object, our hypothesis, and then whether it sank or floated. It was fun! And really neat to hear them try to figure out why things sank or floated. WE came to the conclusion that it depended on the shape and what it was made of. Then we made up our own outdoor scavenger hunt (Noelle's idea) where they had to find various objects outside. Then to celebrate our first day of school, we went to a park together and to McDonald's for supper!

Another day this week we looked on the computer to see what the Yangtzee River in China looked like, and then the kids painted a picture of it, complete with mountains and trees, and then we counted all of Ping's family, and glued on construction paper ducks to represent them in the river (68 is a lot of ducks to cut out!).

On thursday we had our first day of Heartland Homeschool Co-op....and it was great. Noelle said it was the best day of her life! We have a devotional time as a group, then the younger kids did some work in our Ping lapbook, then snack all together, then the younger kids had gym time, creative time (which was worship: dancing and soaking), then lunch with everyone together! What a priviledge it is to be a part of:)

There is a really great website: that the kids have been doing some extra letter, phonics, and reading on. It is great! Lot's of levels to choose from. Elliott has been working on individual letters, and letter sounds. Noelle has been working on letter blends and reading simple stories using the letter blends. DEFINITELY worth checking out!

Noelle did lesson one in 'Reading Made Easy' by Valerie Bendt. It is very user friendly, and the lady who gave it to me said it was wonderful.
So that was week one!


  1. Hi Teacher & Student,
    Well it sure looked like a great week of learning.The experiments looked like fun and the painting of the river and ducks must have been hard work.Can't wait till next week to see what goes on.Keep up the good work Noelle and keep learning.
    Love Grandpa

  2. love this becky! and the title of your blog is awesome!!