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Saturday, September 25, 2010

week two

Elliott's Ping Drawing

We had a very full week! I'll try to remember what we did...
We learned about different kinds of ducks, and watched videos about ducks swimming, hatching out of eggs, etc. Did you know there is a kind of duck called a Red Headed Duck (I think that's what it was called) that says 'Meow'? Me neither!

We talked about 'Ping' from 'The Story About Ping' and how he was a lot like Jonah from the Bible... Also about how we can pray for 'discernment' (I didn't use that exact word;) and God can help us see whether something that looks good actually is good.

Noelle and Elliott drew their own pictures of ducks (Noelle actually showed different stages of a duckling hatching out of an egg...amazing detail...right down to the pieces of broken egg shell on the ground, and I was really impressed with Elliott's detail as well. We also made ducks (they drew their own) and decorated them with feathers.
Elliott's ducks (left)
Noelle's duck (right)

Noelle's duck drawings

Elliott wrote his name for the first time!
We did some more lessons in our Reading Made Easy...we're up to lesson 6.
At our homeschool co-op we worked on our lapbooks, sang, danced, played games....
We baked together a couple of times. Talked about how two half-cups is the same as a whole, the importance of following the recipe...this is Math!
We played Dr.Seuss games....ABC (great game), One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Go Fish, Green Eggs and Ham....
That's all I can remember for now:)

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  1. Hi Becky.
    Great pictures Elliott and Noelle.They look great and alot of work put into them.The lesson they learned is a good one.I like the way you explained it to them.Well can't wait till next week but I will.

    Love to all,
    Grandpa xxxxoooo