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Monday, October 18, 2010

Week five....

Playdough art

Wow....somehow I forgot to keep much track of what we did this week! Don't know how that happened:) Anyways, here are some highlights!

We did an apple tasting activity with some of our good friends where we compared 6 different apples and recorded our results. We had a blast!

I recall doing some math lessons from the book I mentioned before: really fun stuff, where you hardly feel like you're doing math.

Noelle and I baked cookies, and talked about different measurements and how to measure accurately.

Unfortunately we didn't make it to our co-op because of some bad coughs...hopefully this week.

Oh yeah...we also did two more days of our 'Passport to India'. We are really enjoying this: we got to see inside one of the children's homes, and see what kind of food they eat.

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  1. Teacher & students,
    What terrific lessons and work projects you are doing.It looks like sooo much fun that just maybe I could go back to school.Ha Ha!I think I am only joking bu not sure.Anyway keep up the good work and the exciting projects.See you in week six.

    Love Grandpa