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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little about me...

Chantelle from Thousand Square Feet tagged me to answer some questions about myself, and although this blog is mostly about what I do for homeschooling, I will play along! Here goes:

1. What is your favorite memory of your childhood years?
Wow. That's tough. One of my favourites is of when I was upset, and would hide under my sweet mom would come looking for me saying 'Where is Becky?'...she always found me!
Another is sitting on my Grandpa's lap combing his white beard with the little comb he kept in his front pocket:) Another is going on a Daddy-daughter date with my Dad to see "My Girl" in the theatre.
2. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Hmmm....I guess that would have depended on when you asked me! I think in my grade 2 book I said something about wanting to work at the bank like my Mom. I also LOVED animals, and probably would have wanted to do something related to animals, like a vet maybe? I also wrote a story about myself (Cowgirl Becky N) and my horse Twinkletoes, so maybe I wanted to own a ranch? I still would LOVE to move to the country and have all kinds of animals for my kids to enjoy.
3. If you had an evening to yourself with no expectations placed on you, what would you do?
Wow...that sounds too good to be true! Usually my evenings out involve grocery shopping and/or running errands! I would go for a massage, then go for dinner at a nice restaurant with my hubby. And then we could go to a hotel for night!
4. What would you like to learn to do sometime in this life?
I would really like to go to school to become a massage therapist someday. Mostly, I want to learn to trust God more and hear Him speak to me, and follow His leading.
5. Last book you read? Favorite book?
Last book...don't remember what it was called! I haven't read tons lately (other than lots of kids books!), so I will say the "Jesus Storybook Bible" ...EVERYONE should have one of these, whether you have kids or not! It is the best children's Bible I have ever read...and it really blessed me too. It does such a good job of tying the Bible stories together, and each story talks about being a part of God's rescue plan. If you go to the website they post a new video each week of one of the Bible stories!
6. Would people describe you as a "girly-girl" or more of a "tom-boy"?
Hmmm...definitely not girly girl, but not tom boy either...probably right in the middle! I am not 'high maintenance' or anything, but do like to look nice on occassion...sometimes after having snot crusted on my shoulder (NOT my own) and walking around in my pjs gets old! As a kid I learned to be competitive as I had two older brothers to keep up with, but even then I had my girlie side.
7. Favorite beverage?
Tough call...I'd say a steamer with some yummy flavouring on a cold day, and on a hot day some kind of slushy fruity smoothie.
8. Childhood nickname? Current nickname?
Well, my brothers used to call me "Muffalo" because I had such crazy, big, muffy hair! My dad used to call me "Little One", even into adulthood:) Most people call me by my name, or 'beck'.
So now you know a little more about me! Thanks Chantelle:)

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  1. I am so glad you played! I love hearing new things about my friends! Hope you have a great week!